ScotGrad Case Study: Science & Environment

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are currently working towards a degree, or just about to graduate. Gaining a qualification is the first step – but the reality is, these days employers are looking for more than just your qualifications. Gaining work experience in a competitive job market is of vital importance, and shows employers that you are able to use your skills practically.

ScotGrad can help you put your talents and graduate qualifications to work in the real world and provide you with that all-important stepping stone into your future career. Since 2010, over 900 graduates from 23 different countries have had the satisfaction of making their mark with scores of projects across Scotland, in all kinds of companies and social enterprises.

ScotGrad covers a wide range of sectors in Scotland such as Food & Drink, Science, and IT, and each placement project is different. Not all roles are where you’d expect either… For example, not every placement in the Oil and Gas Industry will be for someone with engineering skills. There might well be a need for someone with marketing qualifications, or business development. Or, a web company might need a person not to write code, but to write an HR policy and put it into action.

After studying for three years at the University of Glasgow to achieve a B.Sc in Chemistry, Campbell Vaughn told us how he moved straight from university into the real world, to work in his area of interest through ScotGrad:

I applied to a ScotGrad Placement as I wanted to gain valuable work experience, as well as apply the practical lab skills and knowledge I had gained from my degree. My main role as a lab technician was to analyse samples of chemical products to make sure they met the specifications set by the customers. I also tested and refined new ways of both analysing and manufacturing chemical compounds, even getting the opportunity to apply my research on an industrial scale. As well as applying my practical laboratory skills, I also utilised my knowledge of inorganic and transition metal chemistry, an area I am particularly interested in.”

As well as gaining this relevant experience, there’s a high chance of being made permanent within your host company - over 92% of Associates are in graduate-level employment after their placement. Campbell was delighted to have bagged a permanent role with Bardyke Chemicals, after showcasing his talents to the company throughout his placement.

“Having completed my placement, I was offered a permanent job at Bardyke Chemicals - leaving me in the fortunate position of going straight from education to employment. I would absolutely recommend ScotGrad to other graduates as it has made me more employable and I have really enjoyed becoming part of the team at Bardyke.”

During a ScotGrad placement, you’ll be given a ridiculous amount of experience and responsibility, no matter which role you are doing. It is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door and make a salary, whilst working in a fascinating smaller business. What are you waiting for?

Search for current Graduate vacancies and find out more about ScotGrad, including our Student Placements, here: You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Kelly Barbour, ScotGrad Programme Manager (Graduate Engagement)

0845 371 5444

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