Are You Supporting Women Returners and Getting the Best from This Valuable Asset?

A third of women returning to work after a career break suffer a downturn in status. Discrimination, salary reduction, absence of flexibility, lack of recognition as well as guilt from leaving children in childcare and the challenges of juggling home and career, all affect women returning to work. Many employers are bad at supporting women through this transition to their own detriment. Skilled and highly trained women are being lost from business and industry. Taking women back to work and then failing to keep them is also damaging to the stability of the work place.

Coaching is a very effective tool in helping women through the many challenges of returning to work.

It is proven that giving women the best support during this transition phase leads to greater job satisfaction and job retention.

Unlike counseling, where the process looks back and analyses the past to understand what it is that affects us today, coaching looks to the future. It looks at what a person wants to achieve, small or big, and at any level - work, career, business, life - and helps them put together the necessary steps to support them in getting there.

Coaching is based on the premise that each of us has the best and most effective answers to the challenges we face. It is not the coach’s job to tell the coachee what to do but, through careful and effective questioning, to help them understand their position better and support them in their own journey on reaching their goals - helping them find the best route for them to get there. Only the individuals have it in them to know themselves, know where they want to go, and understand what might be holding them back. Coaching is about supporting and giving the coachee space to think and find their own solutions, and then facilitate and support their path to success.

Women returning to work after having a family, caring for a sick relative, having their own health problems or family situations are faced with innumerable challenges and difficulties.

Employers willing to invest in this are giving their staff, both male and female, and their business a huge advantage.

Aveline Evans

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